o A 3500 s.f. Barn Renovation, Sharon, Ct.

o An existing early 19th century "Dutch" barn was completely gutted of its interior walls, revealing the chestnut

post and beam frame.

The barn was re-sided and re-fenetrated and an entry porch was carved out at one corner. The land was re-graded

allowing for the creation of a curved sunken stone terrace overlooking a distant lake and mountain.

" The original scale and detail of the barn is revealed immediately upon entering. At the entry foyer, one can see

the full height of the barn (up through the second floor into the cupola above) and also the full depth (from the living room

fireplace back to the stairwell).

" The space is further extended through the use of materials. The rough-sawn pine material of the exterior walls

wraps through the two story stairwell window onto the interior walls framing the stairs and upper hall, the pine boards

of the floor are also found on the ceiling of the first floor, and the purple bluestone runs from the entry porch

through the house to the terrace in the front.

" There are five bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen and breakfast room, separate mud room entrance, and open

living and dining

o wood: rough sawn pine, stained yellow pine floors and ceiling
o stone: purple bluestone
o fireplace: stucco and bluestone