• A 3000 s.f. work space for out-of-town corporate individuals and companies requiring a full-service

office environment in New York City.


- The project is composed of a highly articulated internal structure of shared facilities surrounded on three

sides by neutral office spaces.

- As one steps off the elevators, they are confronted by a composite structure (conceived as a free-standing

pavilion) which houses the reception area, waiting, the secretarial staff and two flanking spaces containing

the Administrator's office and Conference room.

- The pavilion is transparent and constructed in layers of mahogany and aluminum with clear and sand-blasted

wire-glass. It is centered on a maple and aluminum reception desk which, in turn, sits on a maple "slab" with

inlaid vinylized stone tiles. The aluminum detailing is repeated in the overhanging trellis at the reception area

and a mahogany "frieze" extends from this area, banding the office corridors.

- The materials and details promote an understanding of them beyond their material aspect: that is, as a

coding system which qualifies or characterizes a particular space and provides an orientation to the whole.


•           wood: mahogany, maple
•           stone: vinylized granite
•           metal: aluminum, blackened steel
•           glass: sand-blasted wire




•           wood: birch, poplar
•           stone: vinylized granite
•           metal: aluminum columns, exposed galvanized steel studs