• A 2400 s.f. top floor loft for a young family (New York, NY)


• An L-shaped “exterior space” (the residue of the general volume described by the gridwork of beams on the

ceiling and wrap of windows along the perimeter.

• An opposing L-shaped “interior space” (containing the places of initiation (entry) and terminus (sleeping).

• A frenetic “urbanscape” (reflective glass-laminated surfaces, metals, etc.) set on a concrete tile base contains the

support system of the family and is situated between the L-shaped volumes maintaining the private while gesturing to

and reflecting the light of the perimeter and NYC beyond.


• wood: maple floors/butcher block and cabinetry

• stone: gray concrete tile; terrazzo

• metal: aluminum tubing and laminate

• glass: wire glass and brass laminated to gyp. bd. Walls / butt joint “skylights”