• A 2300 s.f. Apartment  renovation for a family of three  in New York City


• There is a strict "zoning" of habitation with the private rooms compressed behind the entry arc (3 interior bathrooms,

3 bedrooms and a study).

• The major orientation device is a raised kitchen enclosure. Within or upon this "camera box" of padouk wood, all the

various materials in the apartment converge. Large sliding sandblasted wire glass panels provide privacy or appropriate

the view while mediating the living/dining space.

• The PMWA design of the (V'Soske) living room carpet is derived from the form of the kitchen enclosure and acts

to focus the view to Central Park. The bands of silk and wool adjacent to the padouk refer to the lexicon of materials.

From these bands, three expanding green lines emanate toward the window wall concluding in a final green horizon line

which swells to represent the reservoir and upon which is stitched the skyline.

• All tables, light fixtures and rugs were designed by PMWA as synthetic elements in the formal structure of the

apartment. Tone, texture, pattern, etc. is the result of generic materials in differing adjacencies.

• wood: Padouk, natural and ebonized Beech
• stone: Green Slate, Black /White Marble
• Metal: Stainless steel, Copper , blackened steel
• Glass: Sand-blasted Wire Glass and Mirror