• An 800 s.f. rooftop studio addition for an artist (New York, NY)


• “The tea-room is made for the tea-master, not the tea-master for the tea-room. It is not intended for posterity and is therefore

ephemeral.” The Book of Tea

• This lyrical project relies on a ritualized procession from the floor below, through the studio to the roof garden.

The axial organization and its concomitant detailing (mahogany and stainless steel occur only and intimately about this axis)

reside within a neutral envelope (the box). The path is conceived as an additive element rather than a subtracted void within the density of places.

The “terminus” can be found in work of the artist.

• wood: white & red oak, mahogany
• stone: cementitious exterior panels, mexican tile
• metal: stainless steel, aluminum
• glass: sanded plexi-glass, glass block